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Selling your Palmetto Bay home or condo is not only an exciting decision, but an important one as well.  Regardless of the type of home or what it is worth, every seller has 5 needs in common.

Time - The goal is to have your home on the market for as little time as possible.

Convenience - With attention to detail, the selling process doesn't have to be a bother

Price - Obtaining the highest price possible with the best terms

Communication - Consistent feedback and updates so agent and seller are on the same page.

Effort - It should be clear to the seller that the agent is working hard according to the plan in place to sell their home.

Days on the Market or DOM should be kept to a minimum. It is the goal of both the agent and the seller to have the home sold as quickly as possible.  With this goal of a quick sale, it is also important to note that the seller should be inconvenienced as little as possible during the process involving showings, Broker’s opens etc.  Getting the best price for your home is all about strategy and knowledge of the local market.  It is crucial that your agent is an expert in your neighborhood.  The selling process relies on consistent and effective communication between the buyer and seller.  It is imperative that a seller is kept abreast of the progress as it happens.  Selling a home is hard work and it should be clear to the buyer what the plan is and the the agent is putting the plan into action.

When getting ready to sell your home, there are 3 important factors to consider.  Price, Prep Work,  and  Promotion.  

In order to get the best PRICE for your home a CMA or comparative market analysis needs to be done.  In order to do this we examine homes in your area with similar features that are for sale, pending sale, and what has been sold in the past 6 months.  Pricing your home according to market value and taking into consideration your homes amenities will help ensure a quick and successful close.  

In order to make sure you get the most money for your Palmetto Bay home, you have to PREP it to sell.  This means that maintenance issues, cleaning, and staging should be addressed prior to listing so that you are sure to get the most you can for your home.  

PROMOTION is crucial when it comes to selling your home.  It isn't enough to have an agent who can sell, you need an agent who can market your home as well.  There should be a clear plan in place to market your home to make sure that it stands out amongst all the other homes available for sale.  Being that the search for a home usually begins online, your agent needs to have an extensive online presence. is the most complete Palmetto Bay home search. POtential buyers can find Palmetto Bay A-rated schools, remodeled homes for sale in Palmetto Bay, up-to-date market statistics, view the latest MLS listings updated daily, motivated sellers, biggest price changes .

Getting your home ready to sell:

You get one chance to make a first impression so make sure your home makes a good one.  


The first thing people see when they are viewing your home is the exterior. Maintaining a freshly cut lawn, trimmed hedges, and shrubs.  Make the effort to water your lawn regularly so it is green and inviting.

Make sure the entryway is clean and free of debris.  Use a broom to clean cobwebs, leaves, etc from the doorway and make sure your front door is in good working order.  If the door handle sticks or the keys get stuck, look into having this fixed.  It can be as simple as some WD40 and a fresh coat of paint.  Windows, roof tiles, and gutters should get the same treatment.  Make sure they are clean, work, and touch up any paint as needed.  Don't forget the pool! Miami is blessed to have pool weather year round so make sure it is sparkling and begging people to jump in.


The home should be neat and tidy at all times.  This can be a challenge especially for families with children.  A good suggestion would be to hire someone on a weekly basis while the home is listed. This will come in handy especially for the kitchen.

The kitchen is a huge selling for all homes.  All the appliances should be working and clean.  This includes the inside and out cleaning of the stove, fridge, and microwave.  Have someone help you tackle those things and you can be free to keep the counters free of clutter like mail and magazines that easily accumulate.

Miami is hot so it is important that the AC is turned on to be cool and comfortable.  Somewhere between 72-74 degrees will make your home feel like an oasis on our hot summer days.  You can also use your AC to welcome buyers with a pleasant smell.  Air fresheners can be attached to the filters of most ACs and will give the home a clean and inviting scent.  When picking a scent it is best to select something mild that will appeal to everyone.

Buyers are naturally drawn to a home that is light and bright.  To allow as much light as possible, open the shades and turn on all the lights during both day and night time hours.   A bright home is typically an open one.  After living in a residence for sometime it is easy to acquire an excess of furniture.  While this furniture may be nice and suit your family's needs, if it isn't necessary it is best to move it out and open up your space.  Allow buyers enough room to envision their ideal furniture set up.  Additionally, remove, restore, or replace and furniture that is worn and torn.  Even though buyers are purchasing a house and not furniture it can sometimes be hard for them to see beyond a home that is crowded with worn pieces.

The Master Bedroom is always on a buyer's radar. It is important that this room and all others be tidy and appear as large as possible.  Box up any items that aren't needed from the closet or tops of dressers and again make sure that any furniture that isn't necessary is removed.

Bathrooms play an important role in the buying process.  Counters and vanities should be free of clutter and wiped down regularly so they are always ready to show.  Make it a point to clean any soap scum or mildew stains in the grout as buyers see this as a sign of a well maintained home. 

When all is said and done, selling a home in Palmetto Bay is more than just a business transaction, it can be an emotional one as well.  One family is possibly leaving a home where children were raised and another is buying home and thinking about the children they will raise.  When the time comes to show your home, leave out some fresh flowers, light a neutral scented candle, and take your pets for a walk.  Avoid being in the home while it is being shown.  Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves as the owners and how the home would work for their purposes.  This can be difficult to do with the owners present.  Picking the right agent to sell your home will allow your home to sell quickly to the right buyers and for the most price, giving you the freedom to move on to make new memories in your next home.  

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